Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies 2023

Now a days cloud computing is most important part of IT industries. We have listed down below the most popular companies in the market from which people can choose appropriate service provider for their needs. Below listed companies are providing the service globally with all the securities and robust infrastructure.

1. AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Cloud Computing services

AWS is one of the most growing cloud computing service providers in the market. It is always growing and researching solution on the multiple problems available in the market. It provides multiple service in the multiple sectors like EC2, SQS, SNS, DynamoDB etc. AWS’s services changed the IT industry to move from traditional database to cloud. It is very easy to use and available for all the technologies like JavaScript, Java, ASP.Net. So, it’s widely use in the market.

2. AZURE (Microsoft Azure)

Cloud Computing services

Azure is the cloud computing service provider of the Microsoft and biggest competitor in the market for the Amazon Web Service. Azure is most famous as it is from the well-known IT service provider company Microsoft. It provides multiple services in multiple domains like Web development AI, ML, Blockchain, etc. It is very easy to use and having large no of services.

3. Google Cloud Platform

Google cloud is another cloud computing service provider in the market which provides multiple cloud services to help IT industry grow faster. It is another competitor for AWS and AZURE. GCP is most used service in the market in the domains like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and data analytics. It offers the IaaS and its strong technical strength help grows the search market.

4. IBM Cloud

Cloud Computing Companies

IBM is very well-known IT service provider company in the market from long time. And it is known for its very well service providing. IBM stepped in the cloud computing industry on 7th April 2011 as one of the cloud computing service providers. IBM Cloud includes services like infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS). It provides public, private and hybrid cloud delivery models. IBM cloud provides services under Smart Cloud Foundation, Smart Cloud Services and Smart Cloud Solutions.

5. Oracle Cloud

Cloud Computing services

Oracle cloud is one of the cloud computing service providers in the market. Which came late into the market but it’s catching up market very aggressively. It is not like other public service provider it provides strength to the database and other mainly offerings on advanced and flexible cloud flatform.


Salesforce is the leader in the market for Software as a service (SaaS). It provides multiple software’s from marketing to integration and e-commerce. It provides very well listed data matrices in the world of data mining. Salesforce positioned itself at the middle of the hyperconnected and cloud based.

7. SAP

Cloud Computing services

SAP is the legacy service provider in the multiple domains. Now it’s making huge presence in the cloud as well. The Sap’s powered in-memory database now converting to cloud. It has the same architecture as other cloud services. It has been seen that it has exponential growth in cloud.


Alibaba is cloud service provider which is Singapore based organization. It is one of the best clouds across China and now it spreading across the world and providing best services in the cloud market.


It is preferred as a cloud toolbox. Hashicorp offers multiple open source and wide range of tools that allows IT, developers, professional and to deploy the cloud infrastructure. It also provides multiple plugin application.


Cisco is one of the leaders in the networking and cloud computing. It is well service provider in the cloud computing market. It is growing in the market of the service provider in the cloud computing.